Dead and Dying

Album: The Prosecution Rests (2010)

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Song: Prophecy Of War

Bitrate: 192kbps

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DEAD AND DYING was formed in the spring of 2007 by veterans of the TROYCORE scene.Members include Rick Rigney on drums/vocals (dying breed),Boonie (dying breed,last call,flat broke) on guitar/vocals. Davey G. (dying breed) vocals. and Dan Ryan (war-time manner,Detriment) on bass. The result of this combination is a heavy familiar sound from the TROYCORE streets. The lyrics speak the truth while the music creates intensity allowing listeners to relate and decimate. Influences such as Iron Maiden, Sheer Terror,Sick Of It All,Cro-mags,Carnivore,Agnostic front, Breakdown and our own scene has sparked an interest in hardcore while DEAD AND DYING carries on the TROYCORE tradition...